About Us

Love Beer (and THC). Love Life.

Harpoon Brewery is a New England brewing pioneer, founded in 1986 and holder of brewing license 001 from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We’re an Employee-Owned independent craft brewery, and you can bet we’re damn proud of it.

TLDR: we’ve been brewing great beer and enjoying it with friends for a long time.

Elevate your High with Hops

Did you know that cannabis and hops are close cousins? There’s definitely a family resemblance when it comes to aroma and appearance, but you can’t get high from smoking hops… so please don’t try it.

As longtime craft brewers, we became interested in what would happen if we mixed hops with THC. After a lot of trial and a little bit of error, we developed a delicious non-alcoholic base of green tea, hop oils, real fruit puree, and a pinch of sugar that tasted like a beer we’d like to drink all on its own.

We then brought the fun with the addition of 5mg of THC per 12oz serving, allowing you to experience the fun of a light buzz without the fear of a hangover. Turns out the grass is greener on the hoppy side.

Good Times are Brewing

Like all good things in life, Rec. Weed is best enjoyed in moderation and with friends. Bring it to a house party or game night or enjoy it outdoors after a hike or under the stars at a bonfire. Just take it one at a time and let the good times flow.