Harpoon Brewery Crafted

For a different kind of buzz

Harpoon Brewery Crafted

Citrusy. Tropical. Refreshing.


Drink Rec. Weed

Crisp, refreshing, and lightly hopped, Rec. Weed is a delicious beverage with 5-10mg of pure THC. We use a variety of our favorite hops such as Citra, real passionfruit puree, and green tea to make our THC beverage easy-drinking with a clean finish.

Available in dispensaries in Massachusetts and Maine!

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The Experience

  • Quicker (and more predictable) than other cannabis products. You know how much THC you’re getting – it is a controlled dosage.
  • The fun of a buzz without the hangover of an alcoholic beverage.
  • Better tasting than other cannabis products (you don’t taste the weed).
  • It is not a seltzer, but is still low cal – Amen to that!